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The Advantage of Hot and Cold Mist Treatment Today

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The Advantage of Hot and Cold Mist Treatment Today, aerosol treatment is one of the most modern and effective methods of carrying out preventative treatment and disinfection. You can find and purchase equipment for processing open spaces and premises of any complexity. But to carry out work guaranteeing quality and a long-lasting result, it is necessary not only to…

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Does disinfecting surfaces really prevent the spread of coronavirus?


Photos from the areas hardest hit by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 tell a story of disinfection: Trucks spraying streets and a phalanx of sanitation workers wearing backpack tanks fogging sidewalks, parks, and plazas in China, South Korea, Italy, and elsewhere. Countless recommendations admonish us to wash our hands and disinfect often-touched surfaces in our homes. But what is the…

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